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Dear Sir,
We have been a long time clients of best buy, have spent thousands of dollars there. On December 31 /2017, we purchased a fridge, stove, dishwasher, and microwave, around $5,089.29 of appliances at the store in Danvers, Mass. They were delivered by SPIRIT.
After the delivery guys left, we noticed that they had damaged every single step of our beautiful front stairs, damaged a picture hanging in the wall, also parts of our freshly painted walls, baseboards, etc... we contacted best buy and they directed us to Spirit. They asked for photos, which we sent, in January, only in april 4/2018, we received a letter from Milva DiFrancesco from claims department, saying that the damage was pre-existing, therefore they would not cover anything. Again we contacted their insurance company, and sent them photos taken on December 25th, 4 days prior to buying the appliances, which shows that everything was in perfect condition. The insurance company hired an adjuster company named Custard's, the adjuster came and gave an estimate of the damage done to our house, it came to almost $8.900.00 to fix everything. In the end of June the insurance company sent us an offer to settle for $6,683.34, due to Depreciation. I ask if they could give the amount the the adjuster said without depreciation, because when I hire a contractor to replace the steps and fix everything he is going to charge us the actual price, which will end up costing us over three thousand more than what they are offering, and it has to come out of our pockets, money that we don't have and what happened was not caused by us,so far we got no answer from them. Also Milva from Spirit called us a liar when she said that the damage was pre-existing, and this is a diffamation of character. We feel that we are entitled for a compensation for calling us liars.
We love Best Buy, but we don't feel safe buying from it anymore after this incident. Is there anything that Best Buy can do to help us with this situation? we appreciate your help.
Thank you very much,
David Lahr
857 363 0270

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