@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – Good afternoon, I understand Corie Barry is the new CEO but was unable to find

Bernadette Sims sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

Good afternoon,
I understand Corie Barry is the new CEO but was unable to find an email to contact. I am hoping you may be able to help or can forward this on to Corie.
We have been very loyal Best Buy customers over many years recently purchasing an appliance package for a home we purchased in Florida along with 3 televisions despite a few hiccups we turned to Best Buy as we begin our renovations at our home in Illinois.
In October of 2018 we purchased a Kitchenaid refrigerator for nearly $3000 along with the extended warranty through Best Buy. Fathers Day weekend we were away for a family wedding only to return home to find both the refrigerator and freezer had stopped working. There had been no power surcharges or outages. Spoke with Colton at your store in Aurora was advised as I understood, to contact Kitchenaid because the item was still under manufacturer warranty.
Our 1st service call was 6/18, after a diagnostic test the technician informed me there was a large problem he was not capable of fixing involving both the sealed system and compressor. Parts would have to be located ordered and a more experienced technician would have to return. Spoke with 3 representatives from Kitchen Aid who refused to authorize a replacement. On 6/25 another technician sent from Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool arrived and discovered the problems were not only more than what originally thought but now including a “ evap drain pan was cracked and splintering in to drain hole causing drain to clog. Reason for pan to be cracked ,bent and brittle is unknown, tab also missing off evaporate cover. Another issue found was Right FF rail heater connector plug was pulled from wiring. Looks like unit may have been worked on previously. Also felt and smelled burned out compressor oil all over FF evaporator”. When questioned further the technician suggested most likely we were sold a floor model or refurbished refrigerator. Neither of which we had purchased. I have spoken to Gil the store manager at your Aurora store who is trying to advocate for a replacement authorization. Currently has not been successful and I am now nearly 2 weeks without a refrigerator for a family of 7, relying on the kindness of neighbors.
I am disappointed, frustrated and angry. As a customer who has done nothing wrong to be so terribly inconvenienced and expected to continue to wait for a response from “corporate” is unacceptable. And hope you, Corie or Best Buy will resolve this issue today.

Bernadette Sims

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