@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – Good Morning, I would like to speak with you regarding a technology and product complaint

Cindy McCauley sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

Good Morning,

I would like to speak with you regarding a technology and product complaint. I have called customer service and gotten nowhere. I have now been on the complaint line for 1 hour and 11 minutes with a representative who insists on speaking over me and is unable to get a leader on the line for me. Roughly 50 minutes of that have been hold time. And now she just came on and disconnected me. I am not a happy customer at this point. This representative also has contradicted herself throughout our conversation.

I have a big issue with technology issues your site experienced this morning and I would like resolution. I was not able to purchase an item multiple times even though the Add to Cart option was available. If I did get it in my cart, then I was told it was store pick up only which is not stated on the site. Many times I would click the Add to Cart button and your site would not do anything but sit there. On a second attempt, I went through the steps of waiting for the button to turn yellow again to place in my cart and when I clicked to place in my cart, nothing happened.

At times when I was able to click add to cart instead of displaying the “There is one more step” message, I got a general there was an error adding to your cart message.

I am beyond frustrated with all the technical difficulties faced this morning that have caused me to lose out on a very popular item and Christmas gift that I should have been able to purchase, on 2 different attempts.

Even web searches note the issues you have had with your site today.

Thank You,

Cindy McCauley
Contract Tools, Education, Processes Professional 2
National Network Operations

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