@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – Hello Mr Joly, I purchased Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, Order Number BBY01-805511620412, from Best Buy

Mario D'Alfonso sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

Hello Mr Joly,

I purchased Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, Order Number BBY01-805511620412, from Best Buy on-line on 11/24/17. Due to a heavy work schedule and lack of free time, I was not able to install the operating system until 07-08-18. After the installation began, I was prompted to submit the Product Key Code in order to verify the CD is Authentic Microsoft Software. In all of the original shipping packing, which I have, there is no Product Key Code.

On 07-11-18 I spent almost 1 1/2 hours on the phone and spoke with 6 different people concerning the Product Key Code. These conversations should be in the recorded calls files. I did not notice the actual time that this began or ended, but the last department I was transferred to was closed.

On 07-14-18 at 5:00 AM, I called Best Buy and started the process again. I was transferred to a Best Buy Supervisor in Primary Services named Sean and he put me on hold while calling Microsoft then we had a conference call between 5:30 AM and 5:55 AM. Again this was recorded by Best Buy.

Microsoft told Sean from Primary Services and myself that only Best Buy could provide me with the Product Key Code because they were the selling outlet and not a Microsoft Store.

On 07-16-18 I exchanged e-mails with Princess, Anna and Kissen from Customer Care which I have on file. When I responded to Princess it was answered by Anna. When I responded to Anna it was answered by Kissen. When I responded to Kissen, no one answered me. I resent my response this afternoon and have not received a reply.

Please have a representative review the recorded conference calls and e-mails on file with Best Buy and explain to me how Best Buy does not have a record of the Product Key Code associated with the software that they sold me? Without the Code the software cannot be authenticated and I cannot continue with the installation.

Microsoft says that Best Buy is in possession of it and can retrieve it.

Mr. Joly, all I am requesting is the Product Key Code for the software that I purchased from Best Buy.

Microsoft has requested that I inform them of the outcome of this situation regarding my purchase from Best Buy.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in resolving this matter.


Mario D'Alfonso

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