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Hello Ms. Barry: Imagine this, you take your car into the dealership to get a free oil change; a perk that came with the purchase of the car. As the mechanic drives your car into the bay, he inadvertently knocks the side view mirror off the car. You would expect them to fix this wouldn't you? What would you do if the dealership told you that, unfortunately, they couldn't fix it because you don't have a service plan that covers that type of work? That is essentially what happened to be with Best Buy's Geek Squad. When I purchased my Lenovo laptop, I also purchased an internet security plan with Webroot that was loaded and administered annually by the Geek Squad. They send me an e-mail each spring and do whatever needs to be done. I love it. This year, however, I experienced a problem. Each time I signed into I had to basically "accept" Webroot. So on June 25th I contacted the Geed Squad. Agent Seyner got working on the problem and then transferred it to Agent Marvin who uninstalled and them re-installed Webroot. The whole process, done via the chat function, took about 2 hrs. Both agents were pleasant and professional. Unfortunately, after the session ended and I exited from my search engine screen (?), I found that my desk top was completely different. I couldn't even find the icon to let me sign out and I'm not tech savvy enough to know how to sign out without the icon. So, I opened up Google Chrome again and went into my e-mail to contact a friend for help. Before I could do that I found an e-mail from Best Buy asking how my session went and telling me to click on the area below if I had any question. Great! This brought me back to the chat function again and to agent "Sam". I explained the situation to him and he said he was "... ready to dig in help you get the issued resolved." Yipee! Unfortunately that did not last. He came back and said he didn't see where I had a service plan with them and offered to sell it to me for $199. I declined and said that all I wanted was to get my desktop back to the way it was. He then offered to sell me a one-time service plan for $39. When I declined this, he said he couldn't help me. I was in dis-belief. After a day or so I called Alexander Ward at 612-292-0275 who has assisted me in 2019 with another issue I had with Best Buy. I explained the situation to her and was shocked that she agreed with agent Sam. She said that she understood and was sorry, but without a service plan it was not an option for Best Buy/Geek Squad to fix my desk top. She also indicated that she didn't believe that uninstalling and re-installing Webroot would cause my problem. Then how did it happen? All I did was to click on the X in the upper right corner of my screen, as I always do, when I want to close out my Google Chrome session. So, please help me understand why Best Buy/Geek Squad won't fix it. I have found a work-around so I can sign out and get to the apps that were listed on my desk top, so I don't really care if they fix it at this point. I just want to understand why they won't. Thank you for your consideration.

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