@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – I bought a new car the was mechanically perfect. I went to best buy bought

Nicole Arrokhsi sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

I bought a new car the was mechanically perfect. I went to best buy bought a new deck to be installed and paid for best buy to install it. The first day, I picked up my car after installation of the new deck; no problems. Second day my tachometer back lights went out.I went back to best buy where the technician looked at it and took some parts apart and had no resolution. I basically left with still no back lights on my tachometer and no resolution. I was told to bring it to a mechanic that it wasnt anything that they did. Then my left brake light went out, I went and bought a new bulb had it put in and still it did not work. Then my left license plate light went out, this time I went to Hyundai and bought a new light bulb and had the Hyundai technicians replace the bulb in the brake and license plate light, still no success. Then my deck froze and would not shut off even when the ignition was turned off, it killed my battery twice. I again went back to Best Buy South Setauket and spoke to Jude the manager and explained my battery has died twice and that my deck is frozen and will not turn off, among the other issues that were still not unresolved. Jude called the technician, who was off, he had no suggestion. Jude also did not offer any resolution or help at all and just said I should bring it back to Hyundai that it is not a Best Buy problem. The next day the decks Bluetooth stopped connected to my iPhone and then the USB port on the deck stopped working.. Now the only thing that work is the Aux port. Still no call back from best buy and now I am without a car because I had to bring it to best buy to have it fixed as I was pulled over twice due to my back light being out. I specifically went to best but and bout a product their to be installed their to guarantee it would have been done accurately and professionally. I am very unhappy. I paid a good amount of money and now have to pay Hyundai and have a half usable deck and no money to replace it due to the extra costs of my battery and whatever work that Hyundai has to do to fix the car. Plus I had to rent a vehicle while my car is being repaired. I very disappointed about this experience with best buy. I will never go their again.

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