@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – I have been in contact with Geek Squad for months. My Dell (1 year old

Linda Huenecke sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

I have been in contact with Geek Squad for months. My Dell (1 year old - I have Geek Squad service contract) keeps shutting down. They have taken over my computer repeatedly to try to fix this but it just keeps getting worse. Finally they agreed that it must be a hardware problem and I should take it to the store. I brought it to the Countryside, Ill store and they told me they had to send it in for service. They asked if I had backed up my Dell and I told them yes but asked they restore everything because I am far from a geek and it's always a project for me to restore. The Dell was bone for about 10 days and delivered back to my home. It had NOT been backed up. When I called them I was told that they repaired it by setting it back to factory settings. I could have done that myself! That was June 1st. Today (June 16th) my computer started shutting down again. I called again and was told I needed to bring the computer back in for service. Why? They didn't fix it the first time I sent it in. When I bought the Dell I was told that if it couldn't be fixed it would be replaced. How long do I have to deal with this? This kind of customer service I can do without! Now they agreed they would send my info to their escalation team and and I would hear from them. I've lost faith in the Geek Squad and Best Buy. Can you help me get this fixed without any more time and torture? Thank you, Linda Huenecke

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