@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – I Paid for a service and they took the money @ Best Buy Eden Prairie

xauvier knazze sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

I Paid for a service and they took the money @ Best Buy Eden Prairie. The installers showed to the scheduled appointment. Spent 6 hours or more on the installation job, but never completed the Job. the installer promised to return the next Morning, but was a no call. no show. weeks later the manager from geek squad Brian sent another installer to do a Redo of the Security Camera installation/ Antena Install. the installer could not complete the Job needed more equipment that best buy didn't provide, also he couldn't clime a latter because he broke his leg.
weeks latter after I purchased the items for my Night owl Security Camera. I then tried calling your (EP) store, spending over 2 Hours trying to get the situation fixed. and get the Redo Completed as well as my Antenna Installed. I was then sent to a person with an Indian accent. Probably, had my call re routed to Sri lanka. but when I asked for a manager the person said there was no Manager I asked him than who is running the (EP) store he said he didn't know I then asked him to connect me to any manager , it didn't matter weather they were the janitorial managers. he then sent me to your Customer complaint department . and another agent answered but would not allow me to speak to a manager , or supervisor. you guys say the calls are being recorded but who screens the calls. after an hour with here I was sent to another complaint department. this time I spent another hour reexplaining what happened, while waiting for a supervisor Named {Chris}s
she told her Agent that she did not want to talk to me. this happened on the 12/12/18 2:30 pm
Finally Britney the agent from Texas sent me to an Escalator named Tony I asked him for a manager he explained three times that he was an Escalator. At this point I didn't care I only wanted my problem resolved he said that it was at the discretion of the installer to install an antenna and furthermore Best Buy doesn't even install antennas.

on Thursday I went to the Richfield Best Buy and spoke to a manager who told me that Brian would receive an Email stating my concerns, the problem is that brian should have called to see if I were satisfied with my service. also no one from Best buy even called me or emailed me about my original concerns. I complained befor but it just falls on dead Ears. No one Cares.
do we have to wait for another Recession in order for you guys to care about customer service, or will you close down half your stores before you start caring for your customer BASE.

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