@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – I purchased a Sony fifty inch television one week ago I paid my handy man

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I purchased a Sony fifty inch television one week ago
I paid my handy man to install. The pixels are damaged, so I went into the Norwalk store first thing this morning.
When I asked them to please pick up damaged goods
they refused without my paying an additional fee
saying ''no returns'' only replacement using their
service people to install. I was not made aware of this when I purchased and feel they should do the work without my having to pay any additional money.

If I had been made aware of the policy, I would have considered using Best Buy to install, that was not explained at time of purchase.

The managers were rude. refused to speak directly with American Express who agreed I should be accommodated because the television was sold

To work this out amicably and not lose my business in the future the pick up should be made and installed by Best Buy with no additional charge
Managers Jessica and Kelly Ann were arrogant and rude,
First Jessica told me I could use Best Buy phone to call Amex. she walked away, Then Kelly Ann told me to get off the phone. refusing to speak with the agent. Arrogant insulant and rude are three words to describe her demeanor.

Kelly Ann was sarcastic telling me to
''have a great day'' as I left the store visibly upset.

These managers were without skills taking no responsibility for having sold a television with damaged pixels. American Express did not agree with their behavior and will dispute this charge.

I am a senior citizen with spine issues that render it impossible to remove and carry a fifty inch television on my own. I am left having to pay someone to dis connect and drop off the television This is unfair, also unacceptable as I will never purchase anything from Best Buy again.

Common courtesy and customer satisfaction should be possible with NO dispute or added expense.

Thank you for your consideration resolving this matter without further distress.

Very unhappy to be treated with disrespect and not to be accommodated for the fault lies not with me,
but having been sold damaged goods.

Jane Minion
27 Glen Ridge
Wilton Ct

203 528 3645

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