@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – Let me begin by saying I am writing this email on behalf of my son

Alicia Popp sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

Let me begin by saying I am writing this email on behalf of my son Christian. He told me he is done with your company and over the poor service he has received. I told him I would go straight to the top because you probably are to busy to know what all your companies do with their long time customers. My son is opening a business in the near future...on Nv. 8th he bought a Swann security system from the Davenport,Iowa Best Buy(our local Moline,Il. BB closed). A scheduled install (at his business) was supposed to be the following Monday. Before an installation a survey had to happen...no show...no call for the survey! He finally got someone on the 800 number (no one answered the local number)...Customer service hung up on him after waiting on hold for Geek Squad who was to do the survey. He had to call back only to be told they do not do site surveys in Illinois!!! The install date came and went...3rd party install told him they would do it on Tues. Tues came and went...then was told it would be on Friday. Friday the cameras were installed but installers did not set them up because he had to leave to go to another job...a tec was left to finish installation but he did not know how to do the set up...REALLY???? Regular installer came back 3DAYS later after he told Chris he would be back the next day! After set up one camera did not work and another was not properly working. My son had to drive back to BB to speak to manager. He was charged an additional fee to install another system that did not have better resolution as the previous one!! My son was upset but I am literally furious ast this lack of service. My son has spent alot of money over the years at BB and thought he would throw his busisness your way when he opened up. NOT NOW!! I totally do not expect a busy man like yourself to contact me back ...I know one thing though...I will never refer BB to ANY of my business friends or ANY of my friends. Have a lovely day. Alicia Popp

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