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@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – Ms. Barry, I purchased a Bosch dishwasher on May 14th and still have not received

Valerie Kelly sent a message to Hubert Joly that said:

Ms. Barry,

I purchased a Bosch dishwasher on May 14th and still have not received it even though four installation dates have been scheduled/canceled by Best Buy. See details below.

Scheduled Installation on 6/8/2020:

Best Buy canceled via email. I rescheduled online.

Scheduled Installation on 6/15/2020:

Best Buy canceled via email. I rescheduled online.

Scheduled Installation on 6/29/2020:
Received a call at 7:30 am from the installation company informing me that when the installers arrived at the warehouse to pick up my dishwasher, they were informed there was no dishwasher for me. No installation on 6/29. I rescheduled online.

Scheduled Installation on 7/6/2020:
Received a call at 7:25 am from the installer informing me he was on his way to install my dishwasher but had a question. The question, “Has the dishwasher already been delivered?” I informed him that no dishwasher has been delivered. He said there was no dishwasher at the warehouse for me. No installation on 7/6.

Now I am unable to reschedule online! I receive a message “unable to meet your request” and provides phone number to call to wait on hold again.

The morning of 7/7/2020 (the day after the dishwasher was supposed to be installed for the fourth time), I received a call at 7:17 am but I was unable to answer before the phone stopped ringing as I was still asleep! Then, a short time later, came a knock on the door and another phone call. The call was from the person that was supposed to pick up the old dishwasher. Really? For two months I have been waiting for the new dishwasher and now Best Buy shows up to take the old one away before installing the new dishwasher!

I received another call at 7:43 am on 7/7/2020 from the installation company inquiring why the dishwasher was unable to be picked up. The caller was extremely pleasant but of course she cannot trace the issue with the dishwasher as she does not work for Best Buy.

As a matter of fact, the installation company has now called me twice compared to no calls from Best Buy (except for the automated calls informing me of the installation time for a non-existent dishwasher).

I have called Best Buy customer service. I waited on hold for 27 minutes even though the wait time was supposed to be 13 minutes. The gentleman said he would research the issue and call or email me. Never heard back.

The next call to Best Buy, the wait time was supposed to be 33 minutes (imagine how long that would have really been), so I selected the option to receive a return call “when it was my turn”. No return call received.

On 7/6/2020, I called the Best Buy store in Watertown, MA. No one answered the phone.

Best Buy should be calling me. Best Buy should be reaching out to me with a profound apology for what Best Buy has put me through, and it is not over yet. I still do not have a new dishwasher. Why should I have to wait on hold after the dishwasher installation was canceled by Best Buy due to the lack of product?

Someone should be responsible for following this installation saga to its completion. Not, “oh well, another caller I just got rid of”.

How can you schedule a delivery when you do not have the product available? Twice I cleaned out under the sink and removed everything from counters to facilitate the installation of the dishwasher and then had to move everything back. How many more false installation dates before I will receive the dishwasher and services I purchased on May 14, 2020?

Why does Best Buy schedule deliveries, installation and pick up when the dishwasher is not available? I would appreciate it more and have less anxiety if Best Buy would have just told me from the beginning that the dishwasher will not be available for a long time instead of stringing me along for weeks and months. At least that way, I would have some expectation of what is really happening. Each occurrence of expected delivery brings at least 5 – 6 recorded phone calls and 5 – 6 emails. This process has been extremely nerve wracking.

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