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Re: Order No. BB01-806370063461

Dear Ms. Barry: On Nov. 18th I decided to buy an HP all in one computer from Best Buy, Model # 27-D0014. I telephoned my local store in Manalapan, NJ to ask if the price would come down for Black Friday. I waited almost an hour for someone to answer my call. She told me that she didn't know if the price would be reduced, but she didn't think that it would be. Accordingly, I ordered the computer, which was delivered on Nov. 20th. I scheduled an appointment for the tech people to come and set it up on December 15th. A day or two later I learned that Best Buy had reduced the price of the computer by $300.00. I called up the Best Buy help desk and spoke to someone who was working from home. I asked him if the price could be reduced by $300 to the Black Friday price. He said that there was some sort of policy that prohibited him from doing so, and he had no authority to give me the discount. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who might have such authority. He promised me that a supervisor would call me within 24 hours. Needless to say more than 24 hours have passed and no one has called me. The computer can be returned by January 21, 2021. It is still in the original box, which is unopened. I could then order another computer at the discounted price. It seems foolish for me to have to go through that kind of charade, which would inconvenience both me and Best Buy for no reason at all. Best Buy guarantees to meet anybody's price. I am only asking that Best Buy meet its own discounted price. I assume that you have the authority to waive the $300 difference in the price and I request that you exercise that authority. Many thanks for your attention to this matter.

William D. Fireman

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