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Second Notification:
Ms. Barry:
I am writing you concerning the terrible service I received from the Best Buy Geek Squad, both from the 1-888# and the Augusta, Ga. store here in Augusta, Ga. I have been paying Best Buy $19.99 monthly for total warranty service since July 2019. I filed a complaint with the BBB against, ISG, an authorized telemarketing agency based out of Florida that initially sold the warranty to me after selling me an AT&T complete home service. . ISG only gave me a $100 gift card and I am demanding more because of the seriousness of this.

Inez, ISG customer service representative on 7/5/19, sold me a complete At&T pkg, and a warranty to include ALL my electronic devices. Inez assured me on 7/5/19 from her phone 855-509-5195, X 9381 that if any of my devices could not be repaired at warranty, that they would be REPLACED at warranty, at no ex pense to me. I took her at her word. I brought my HP desktop pc into local Augusta, Ga Best buy, Geek Squad on 5/26/20 and was told it would be over $300 to repair at my expense. The rep. just hooked it up; saw the error message, did no troubleshooting whatsoever, neither did the tech on the toll free line. I WAS SO upset I took my device and went home. I notified AT&T of this on that evening and if this issue isn't resolved favorably, I am reporting this to State Attorneys office for resolve. What was I paying Best Buy $20 monthly if they failed to service my product. I immediately called HP support and they resolved (troubleshooted) the issue at NO cost. I demanded that my warranty be canceled so that no future debits from ny account would take place and the refund of ALL debits paid to date. All of the above was done, with the exception of an addition $100, that would cover my total payments paid to date.

ISG stated that that's all they could do and that I would have to reach out to Best Buy for additional resolve. I could have filed a complaint with BestBuy immediately but I am going thru the chain of command, demanding total resolve, the refund of an additional $100. It is with great hopes that this is done in order to prevent me from doing that and if need be, I will file another complaint with the State's Attorney's Office.


Brenda Jason
3804 Winchester Ct.
Augusta, Ga. 30906-8018

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