@bestbuy – Hubert Joly – Yes, Ms. Barry: I hope this is a quick & easy "fix" for your offices

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Yes, Ms. Barry:

I hope this is a quick & easy "fix" for your offices to perform.

So, last March, right as all this COVID nonsense was happening, I purchased a Laptop & an LG Screen.
I've since found that, I really do not need this LG Screen. And the laptop I exchanged, never having opened it to begin with, for an HP 15" laptop. Your people were very good, and nothing of all of this has ever been used. Lots of reasons. Never opened up the LG, and only opened the HP to look at it.

So, I'm older, and finding that, I cannot easily cart around this 15" (heavy !). I would, if possible, like to exchange it for the exact same make/model, but in the 13" size. I know it comes in this approx. size.

The LG, I have no need of it. I was thinking I would be working at home possibly, so I purchased it. That did not work out as expected.

So again, would like to return the unopened LG, and exchange the HP Spectre ...I can locate the model number on it. I'm not at home as I write you now.

Please email me, or call me. Emailing is better, cause If I do not know your number, I don't pickup usually. You can leave a message however. Ava Neal 317-599-6393 You have my email.

Thank you,

Ava Neal
27 October 2020

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