@BillGatelll2 – William Henry Gates – Dear Mr and Mrs Gates My name is Montell Cook, I?m a 21 year old

Montell Cook sent a message to William Henry Gates that said:

Dear Mr and Mrs Gates

My name is Montell Cook, I’m a 21 year old male who is a fully qualified shop fitter. I started my trade as a school based apprentice in year 11 and I have been doing that for the past 6 years. I have worked hard for everything I have and help my family out as much as possible. 2 years ago I paid for one of my school friends to go live in Cambodia and help build a sanctuary for elephants which she thoroughly enjoyed.

At the start of 2016 I got a loan to by a brand new car that I have been wanting for years and 2 weeks later I was involved in a 5 car accident on the highway on my way home from work one day. I was devistated. My insurance company wrote my car off and paid out half of my loan so I was left with nothing. All those years of hard work and giving and all it takes is one drunk driver to take away something I had worked hard for away. As a result I struggled with severe anxiety and depression for a while but managed to push through it on my own. I struggled to get another loan to pay off my other car loan which I no longer had and to buy a new car. I exhausted all my sources and ended up finding a loan shark through an old friend. His name is Brian.

Brian offered me this loan I wanted of $45000 at the beginning of this year with my repayments at $600 a month with I had no problem paying. It’s now 9 months later and I have paid off $4800. I missed last month payment accidentally and he is now demanding I pay him back the whole amount of the loan including $20000 interest. I said I don’t have the money and I have tried getting a loan. I have $10000 saved but he wouldn’t take it because he wants the whole amount. He ended up setting my car I bought with his loan on fire and last week he threw acid on my face when I was taking the dog for a walk. He has threatened to hurt my family if I cannot get the money in the next 2 weeks.

I am emailing you as I have tried everywhere to get this money and I don’t want to disappoint my family. I am required to pay a total of $60200, I have $10000 in the bank so I am asking you in desperation for a loan of $50000 to help me pay this man and get him out of my life.

I know this is a long shot and I probably won’t end up speaking to you Mr and Mrs Gates directly but it’s my last option. If you could get back to me that would be a life saver. Thank you

Kindest regards Montell Cook

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