@BillGatelll2 – William Henry Gates – I hope this email finds you well, My name's Ismail Mohamed I am a rising

Ismail Mohamed sent a message to William Henry Gates that said:

I hope this email finds you well, My name's Ismail Mohamed I am a rising senior electrical engineering student at Boston University from Sudan. I would like to begin by expressing my sincerest thanks for all humanitarian work The Bill and Melinda gates foundation has done in Africa and all over the world. I know you're a very busy man but if you would take the time to read my email hopefully you would come to see that what I'm writing about is worth reading. In case you have not heard over the past 6 months the sudanese people have taken to the street in peaceful protest of a cruel,oppressive, islamist extremist regime spanning 30 years, caused the death and displacement of millions of people,literally split our country apart and destroyed the economy and the educational system. To be succinct after a grueling struggle leaving over the military toppled the former-regime and (supposedly) arrested the president. After which forming a military council consisting of officers most of which were complicit in the previous regime heinous war crimes.After repeated failure of the negotiations about the transitioning of power to a civil interim government.On the 3rd of june in response to a nation wide strike, under orders from the military council thousands of peaceful protestors were attacked with live ammunition by the acting V.P's Militia; the same one responsible for the Darfur genocides. The only reason this was possible is because regional powers;mainly Saudi Arabia and the UAE guaranteed them amnesty and for now the international community is turning a blind eye.As of now thousands of these mercenaries are wreaking havoc in khartoum,riding on their technicals indiscriminately assaulting even women and children. Nevertheless the still hope, the people are now engaging in their final act of defiance; nation-wide civil disobedience.We do however need to get the attention of the international community swiftly,as the violence from them escalates it'll be hard to maintain the peacefulness of the process and we might have a Yemen or Syria scenario at our hands. On the other hand Sudan can be an example for all our fellow neighbors that we do not have trade dignity and liberties for stability, that the 0.01% can not subjugate us through fear. We've come a long way now we just need a voice to speak for us in the international community. Thank you for taking the time.

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