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Dear Sir,
I am a student in a school in New Delhi. I had an innovative idea which i wanted to put forward for the betterment of the society.
Living in the 21st Century, we humans may have top- notch technology but we still aren't able to recycle plastic correctly. The amount of plastic being used across the globe is rapidly increasing day by day. This plastic is finding its way into our oceans and causing imbalance in the ecosystem. This calls for a technique which reduces plastic disposal at the source. Through my idea of a Mobile App, we can be successful in our Ultimate aim to create Zero- Waste Homes.
Each Plastic article shall have a barcode which would be printed by the manufacturer. As we would scan the barcode on the mobile application, we would be provided with information such as :-
1. The type of plastic that we are using .
2. If reusing or recycling that plastic article would be safe for human health.
3. How could that plastic article be used at home to satisfy various wants.
4. Local Recycling Centres and Recycling programmes / Recycling Marathons .
This App shall promote recycling of Plastic, guiding people to reuse plastic for the betterment of the society and the coming generations.
"As students, we should pledge to innovate and think of new ways in which Plastic Pollution can be reduced in order to lower the burden of plastic on Mother Earth"
I hope that my app would contribute to the society. I would be extremely pleased if you would add your suggestions. Looking Forward for a Reply soon.
Thankyou Sir.

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