Bob, are you aware that your stores in Clarkston, WA, and Lewiston, ID, are filthy – Bob Sasser email address

Becky Myers sent a message to Bob Sasser - Chief Executive Officer and President of Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Bob, are you aware that your stores in Clarkston, WA, and Lewiston, ID, are filthy, disgusting and have several health and safety hazards?

I visited the Dollar Tree yesterday, February 19, 2017. I came in to purchase a couple of items and then go about my day. I was overwhelmed by the obvious grime as I walked through the door. My first impression was Dollar Tree lacked of pride and there is no quality control…my second impression was a lack of respect for me, the paying customer. My cursory glance of each isle showed dried spill marks where dirt was encrusted as the spill dried, unpacked boxes sitting in the middle of the isles, packed boxes stacked too high and not secured in place, items scattered on the shelves and on the floor AND a floor devoid of any cleaning routine, including sweeping. There are old pieces of paper stuck to the floor, corners of collected dirt (lots of collected dirt). Ironically, the length of the cleaning supply isle was also dirty, and exhibited the same results as the rest of the store. Obviously there is no focus on sanitation or safety and there hasnt been for a long while. I googled a Dollar Tree complaint site and there are pages and pages of customers commenting on this same issue...this is a company-wide problem.

Bob, shouldnt all spills be cleaned up promptly to not only reduce the chance of slip/fall/injury but also damaging the floor? Isnt keeping your store clean and inviting to customers part of providing quality customer service? Wouldnt a clean store offer a sense of comfort and confidence in your products and your store? Are these the images you want your customers, any other company, or your board members to have?

I would be happy to discuss if you need additional information. I also took photos if you would like to view them.

Thank you for your ear,

Becky Myers
PO Box 573
Clarkston, WA 99401

(509) 780-1172

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