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Dear Mr.Saunders

Good morning to you sir, the reason for this email is to ask for help from your company by a way of donating.
My name is Katherine Cervenka and On Wednesday
Oct.16,19 I will be having my 2nd breast reduction
by Dr.Hooten Daneshmend. The first one was 20 years ago when I had 5 pounds removed from each breast. the reason I am emailing is I was wondering if you have ever helped patients by donating implants? I ask this due to my right side shoulder in around 4-6 lower than the left due to my spinal accessory being severed 10 years ago. As my surgeon explained he may not be able to give the fullness or the height as the breast should be. Being on medicare they won't cover implants and I can not afford the cost. Being that I am lopsided and suffer from chronic pain 24/7 having this reduction will help with sciatica problems. I am asking if you could possibly donate the implants so that I can achieve normal-looking breasts without the possibility of having the right breast, later on, hang or move under the armpit as it does now. I understand if you were to donate they would need to be shipped to my doctor overnight due to surgery being in 2 days. being able to achieve normal-looking breast not only will I be able to wear tops properly but not having my breast again having the probability of hanging under the arm pit
I believe the implant will give a definition to the breast. i never have wanted implants I don't need them, however, due to my situation this I believe will help. I believe by having the implant not only will it give natural-looking breast once again but will help and prevent possibly the breast from going under the armpit. I don't want big implants just enough to achieve proper results for a longer time.
I am currently a 34DDD would like to be a 34B/C achieving this with reduction and lift will do this but being my 2nd reduction my understanding is I may not be able to achieve this. I am asking if you could please donate the implants.? you have my permission to contact the surgeon speak with him to know exactly which implant would work best to achieve the fullness, firmness and the natural-looking breast. Imagine if your wife had this happen I'm sure you would would want the same for her. am not doing this for a cosmetic reason I am doing this for a medical reason. Being deformed due to a medical mishap imagine what a difference your company can have on a patient who sufferers daily, clothes do not fit properly, bras do not fit properly, etc. The impact you and your company will have made by helping will be the greatest gift I can ever receive. I'm sure if you are able to see exactly what I'm trying to explain perhaps it would change one's mind. Imagine a 5' lady with 34DD breast having one side shoulder 4-6 lower than the other side having a large breast also being my 2nd reduction.
Not only medically will this help in the future possibly of having more surgery but imagine the confidence you will have given a patient when it comes to purchasing clothes and bras not to mention the confidence you will restore for me personally. below you will find my surgeons' contact information. If your company is kind enough to donate implants I have faith that Dr.Danesmend will put implants in while he does the reduction. thank you for taking time away from your schedule to read, my opinion in regards to the implant reasons is based on my opinion. Dr.Daneshmand stated to achieve the fullness, firmness and natural-looking breast would be to place and implant.

thank you,
Katherine Cervenka

Dr.Hootan Daneshmand
27462 Portola Parkway STE. 100
Foothill Ranch 92610

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