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Good afternoon, Mr. Saunders, with all due respect, and great appreciation for the services you and your employees provide, but I am getting the run around. I've been receiving my Lumigan medication, as recommended by my eye doctor for a couple of years now, because of my glaucoma, my lack of funds, because I lost my job, and because I have a lot of health issues that are extremely costly, and I appreciate all your help, but when I called Allergan to see if I was eligible to refill my Lumigan eye drops, I was told my application expired, without being notified. I was totally confused, because my application was valid until the end of December, but the representative told me it was expired and that I had to reapply, so I did. I had my doctor complete the paperwork and fax it to Allergan, and I faxed my required documents, the signature pages with my Proof of Income and my patient prescription record from CVS for the last year, and called Allergan and informed the representative. I also told her that I faxed my documents at 3:30PM and my doctor faxed his documents at 2:30PM and to please put them together when they cane in, and she made a notation in the system. I called back again a while after the 48 hours to see if everything was okay, and the representative told me she received my fax, but not the doctors, so I had him relax it and he did. I then allowed a couple days for the receipt of the fax and called again. The representative told me my application was rejected. Once again totally confused. She told me that I had to either send my original signature pages and my Proof of Income by mail, or have the doctor refax everything for the third time, so I mailed it in on Thursday. I am extremely careful whom I provide my PII information to because of identity theft, so I don't want to provide everyone with my Proof of Income. I called today and the representative told me that they have yet to receive my application, and worse yet, it was going to get rejected again, and my doctor will have to fax it again for the third time. It costs money and a lot of time processing these documents that I don't have. I am totally confused. I really need my lumigan, I am really loosing my eye site and I have diabetes eye loss, as well. Therefore, I would really appreciate it if you would have someone look into this matter, so my application can be processed.

Your assistance and reply is greatly appreciated! Thank you for helping people that truly need their medication.

Julia Barrera

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