Brian Cornell, I am writing you because of a terrible experience I have gone through – Brian C Cornell email address

Bianca sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

Brian Cornell,

I am writing you because of a terrible experience I have gone through at one of your stores and I was told I can't be told when someone will resolve it if they choose to at all.

I have shopped at the target in Rio of Gaithersburg, MD for the past two years since I've moved to the area, religiously. I have bought most of my child's needs at your store despite the fact I work for a baby store. So with that said I was surprised when I found myself in a situation where I had to pay for the mistake of a cashier, literally.

I had previously shopped at this location and bought four boxes of luvs diapers. Two boxes of size five and two boxes of size six. I only chose to stock up because you were running my favorite promotion again, for every two boxes of luvs you get a five dollar gift card. So being that I bought four boxes in total I should have received ten dollars on a gift card. I left with just that, one gift card, that I assumed had ten dollars on it.

Once I finally finished all the diapers I returned to buy another box from the same location. I have a relationship with the staff that I've grown to love. Many of the managers recognize me when I'm shopping because of how frequently I'm there. So when I headed for check out I knew exactly how much I intended to spend and unfortunately it didn't work out that way.

The gift card I had expected to take ten dollars off my total only took five dollars off. I had explained to the cashier that I only received one gift card the last time I was there despite the fact that she said I would have only been able to receive two with five dollars each. I knew that couldn't be true because this wasn't my first time taking advantage of this promotion. I have in the past recieved one gift card with the total gift card amount on it with even bigger diaper purchases. So my cashier, Thalia I believe her name was, called a manager on her red phone. I waited about ten minutes and nobody showed so Thalia called once more and stressed "the guest is waiting" which I appreciated since I didn't have to say anything to get her to do that for me. Finally a "manager" showed. Her name was Victoria, I'm sure because I wrote it down after being disrespected by her with her behavior. She asked what the issue was and I explained it again and she asked if I had my receipt from that purchase. I looked at her with confusion because I don't believe any customer would still have a receipt from as long ago as it takes to go through four boxes of diapers. I told her no I definitely do not. She said there was nothing she could do until the manager was there at another date. I asked if there was anyone above her that was in the building that could help this situation and she said no I would have to wait until another day. I asked how someone who can't offer me anything in a situation that's at my previous cashiers fault could be left in charge and she laughed. I asked if she was going to offer anything to fix the situation and she laughed and said no. I proceeded to pay for my stuff and told her I would report this.

Right after loading my car and going back inside to do MORE shopping in this store, despite how upset I was this is how they treat their loyal customers, I called customer service. I gave my account of the situation. They told me they would put it through and I would receive a call from the store manager soon. At no time was I given a case number because I was still in the store.

A couple days went by and I didn't receive any form of contact from either of the two whom I believe are the store manager so I called customer service once more. The lady on the phone was able to find my case by searching my information. Once she read up on my case she explained she can't promise anyone will contact me to resolve this matter. I was defeated at this point and had no choice but to contact you. I just want my five dollar refund. It was the only reason I chose to shop with you and not having been handled how customers should be handled cost me my own money which defeated the purpose of buying my diapers in bulk.

Being a manager in retail that has to deal with pregnant women and children all day I can say we have to practice our manners more than anyone and treat our customers with care. We go out of our way to make our guests happy and we never believe in telling the customer no. It's our culture to make sure no matter what, the customer leaves more than satisfied and wanting to return. I can definitely say this location has failed at all of that. The behavior of Victoria, whom I was told was the only one in charge, was inappropriate. To laugh at your customers expense in front of them is rude and it implies you don't value the community that chooses to shop there. That is definitely not someone I would have working my front end dealing with our guests. Especially if their rude and insensitive.

I would like to be contacted about what will be done about this. I want to know how me having to pay for my previous cashiers mistake will be resolved. I don't think it's right you just sweep your customers complaints under the rug. This cost me money and I would like my refund. But it's more than that too. It's the principle. I should have first and foremost been offered a solution to this matter.

Thank you for your time,


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