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Margaret Hall sent a message to Bruce Broussard that said:

Dear sir
I wanted to let you know about the way I have been treated by your company
I sent in a prescription on Monday 09.13.2021 I have on my plan that if a prescription is more than 40 dollars the contact me to see if I want to pay for it.
They sent me a email the cost was 698, dollars and a few pence I called right away and said I could not afford it and to cancel it they said they would do this.
I checked my bank account but to my horror they had put a hound on the money and it was pending
I called them back the following day and they said couldn’t refund it right away it would take 72 hours that is 72 working hours and that is 4 days now including the weekend that makes it 6 days for there mistake and no one could tell me how this happened
I called my bank and asked if there was anything they could do about it as the ordered had been canceled and they were not taking the money
My bank said yes I could ask Humana to send a fax to my bank to release the funds and the bank gave me the fax number and all the information that the fax should contain
My name the amount to be refunded last 4 of the cardi used
And that the person who sent the text to print they name and then sign it
I called Humana back think this would be good I could get the refund before my rent was due on Friday
After a hour and 20 min they agreed to send the fax
I then had to wait a hour and a half for them to send it I called my bank only to be told they had missed a lot information off the fax and got the amount wrong and not signed or printed there name on it so had to call Humana back
They were quick to tell me they sent the fax and it was up to my bank I explained to them that I had told them all the information but they had forgot a lot of it they told me they could not ask the team leader to sign it or print they name on the fax they could only request it I asked them to do that they said yes
So back to the bank another hour and a half they said they had got the second fax but they hadn’t sighed or printed they name on it so they could not refund me the money they should not have taken
Back to Humana they said they would ask again if they would resend the fax and request someone to sign and print they name and any way it would be refund automatically in 6 days times and they would get a team leader to call me if I wanted them to I said yes if they could they couldn’t say when but maybe today we were now on Friday, so again I wait.
I cannot believe you could treat a member with such disregard I did what I was meant to do I told Humana not to take the money and to cancel the order but they did anyway then they would not help to put the mistake on there part right this is the first time I have got a prescription from you and that is the way I was treated very bad I don’t expect you to be able to do anything about it we live in different worlds it’s not you who can’t pay your rent this week as someone stole 698 dollars off you and will give it you back next week I just wonder how meany other have had the same care I have had it is so frustrating
Thank you
Margaret hall

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