By way of this email, Id like to introduce myself, Dennis E. Abboud, and – Ralph Lauren email address

Dennis sent a message to Ralph Lauren CEO, Ralph Lauren Corporation – email address that said:

By way of this email, I’d like to introduce myself, Dennis E. Abboud, and our Company, Readerlink. We are working with the UJA-Federation of New York on a project.

Readerlink is the largest full-service book distributor in North America, servicing approximately 66,000 retail locations. Our customers include virtually every retailer that is not a traditional book store; including mass merchants, warehouse clubs, grocery stores, drug stores, online sellers, specialty retailers, department stores and airports. Readerlink sells approximately 46% of all trade books sold in the United States and also supplies books to retail partners in the UK, Japan, and Australia. We additionally support U.S. military installations worldwide.

Readerlink also owns Printers Row Publishing Group, which supplies retailers, book chains and independent booksellers with our Silver Dolphin, Thunder Bay Press, Canterbury Classics and Portable Press imprint titles. Printers Row also recently acquired Studio Fun International, formerly Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing.

I was recently informed that I was named the UJA-Federation New York’s 2017 Publishing Honoree. As part of the program, we were asked to produce a short tribute video, which we have engaged Scoundrel Films in New York to shoot.

The video is supposed to have a humorous bend to it, and the producers thought that it would be quite amusing if you would be kind enough to give us a minute or two of video. The idea was that, as the world’s foremost fashion expert, you would gush on for a bit about Joseph, then someone off camera would say, “No, it’s not Joseph, it’s Dennis”, at which point you would either say, “never mind” or “I have no idea who THAT is”, or something amusing of your choosing.

I know this is a tremendous imposition, but the UJA Federation is the largest private charity in New York and they are doing great work.

If you consent, I will have Scoundrel work with your assistant to schedule a time and place convenient to you, which can be at your office. I would anticipate them needing no more than 15 minutes of your time.

In any case, if you would be kind enough to let me know this was received, it would be most appreciated.

Best wishes for a great holiday season.


Dennis (not Joseph)

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