@capitalone – Richard Fairbank – Dear Mr Fairbanks, I had been with you for several years and I have good

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Dear Mr Fairbanks,
I had been with you for several years and I have good credit yet, I couldn't get Capitol One to help me with a fixed rate or keep it at the 20% which I think is way high for someone who always pays on time with auto-pay but what happened was, I went to a supervisor at your company and she couldn't help with the rate. So I asked her if I closed the account would the rate remain at 20%. This was on November 21, 2018 day before Thanksgiving and the day before the interest rate was to go back to 25% and then I had to get another promotion. She stated on a recorded line it would remain at 20%. So I closed the account but I found out the account on my statement said it closed November 22, 2018 and my interest rate now with you is forever 25%. I cannot afford an increase as I'm 67 years old, I'm a senior with disabilities and just found out I'm ill with a progressive illness. I'm asking you for your help as no one seems to have any authority to change something that should not have changed to begin with. I closed the account on the 21st because the rate was at 20% and had I known it wouldn't have taken effect until Thanksgiving day, the 22nd, I wouldn't have closed it. I would have waited till I got my 20% promotion again and then closed it. I have so many things I'm dealing with sir and I don't like to be lied to. Why it didn't close on the 21st is a puzzler. Why the interest rate went up is because my account says it closed on Thanksgiving Day. A holiday for almost all business including banks. I hope you can help with this. I'm not asking for free interest but one that I can manage. At the very least one I agreed to which was 20%. I'm hoping you will do better for me than that since now I have more serious issues to contend with. God bless and thank you for hearing. I will await a reply.
Linda Langlois

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