@capitalone – Richard Fairbank – Mr. Fairbank: Today I was surprised to see a Capital One advertisement on the web

Steven W Rodgers sent a message to Richard Fairbank that said:

Mr. Fairbank:

Today I was surprised to see a Capital One advertisement on the web with a glaring error-- the misspelling of "Congrat's." As I am sure you're aware, apostophes are used only to show possession or contractions. I know it may seem trivial to some, but I think you'll agree that mistakes like this can damage your professional reputation. I really didn't start out to make this a self-promotional tool, but coincidentally, I am a full-time line editor, and would be more than happy to edit your company's advertisements and correspondence on an ongoing basis. You can check out my credentials at www.TheEditAuthority.com. I am confident enough in what I do that I am happy to edit a respresentative sample of your company's content, at no obligation to you, so you really don't have anything to lose. If the rest of your company's materials are perfect, I can certainly verify that for you and set your mind at ease, but in my 30 years of editing and teaching college writing, there have only been one or two clients whose writing I couldn't improve on. Please bear in mind, I don't merely offer proofreading, although I certainly include that as well. Line editing is emulating the style of the piece, changing word order and sentence order, correcting redunancies and ambiguities, finding more appropriate word choices, correcting collocations, being more succinct. I am happy to show you what I can do at the email address above, or through my website. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours, Steven W Rodgers

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