@CapitalOne – Richard Fairbank – My lawyer Stephen Bilkis and Associates established an estate account for NY State Unclaimed funds

Nina Goody sent a message to Richard Fairbank that said:

My lawyer Stephen Bilkis and Associates established an estate account for NY State Unclaimed funds for Catherine Berman, that were discovered by me, her daughter and estate administrator. It took over a year to be named administrator by Suffolk County Surrogate Court, a lot of persistence by me, including certified letters to the Justice overseeing of ALL courts in New York State, the Justice overseeing Suffolk County Courts
after being told for the 10th time by my lawyers that Surrogate Court was still working on over a year. Within a week of those letters I was named administrator. It took another few months for my lawyer to set up this estate account, I had to then wait past 3/21/20 for any claims to the estate to
come forward. Then came Covid-19 to further delay things, and finally I had
to file taxes, all those getting an inheritance had to submit notarized letters to the attorney. Finally, I got the ok to distribute funds early October 2020. So, checks previously were sent to the lawyer, the IRS, the State of NY, the CPA, a penalty for late filing to the State of NY, penalty for
the IRS was waived because though the filing was late, it was due to incorrect information obtained by a CPA in New York. I then distributed the amounts to all my siblings, and my deceased siblings mother-in-law because my sister-in-law also passed and no children left her mother next of kin to her
estate. Everyone of those checks cleared with no problems. On 11/16, I deposited a check written to myself as administrator for the inheritance I am entitled to as well as my commission and reimbursement for certified letters
when I distributed the checks. My check BOUNCED! I am told the account is frozen, though it had enough funds to cover this last check. I was told a packet went out the end of October, with paperwork to fill out for review. I
never got that paperwork, I had since moved into my new home, but still maintained the private mailbox, you now have my new address on file. Another packet was to be sent out 11/16/2020 to my new address, a case #20201112001939B was created. I still have not received this packet! Meanwhile, I had to pay the IRS the interest owed for late filing out of my own pocket! As I said they waived the penalty.
I have no clue why after the majority of this small estate less than $60,000 was distributed with a problem, yet you froze the account and I can't distribute my share. I have to pay the CPA out of the small balance that would remain in 2021 to account to the IRS how funds were distributed, that is another $200. If my own share does not get distributed to me this calendar year because of
this insane delay, then it will cost me another CPA fee in 2022 for a 2021 distribution to myself.
I do not understand why these papers can't be emailed to me to.
Please look into this situation.

Nina Goody
Administrator for the Estate of Catherine Berman

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