@CapitalOne – Richard Fairbank – Since June of 2020 I have been dealing with capital one since I sent them

Thomas Andrew DiMeglio sent a message to Richard Fairbank that said:

Since June of 2020 I have been dealing with capital one since I sent them $500 for a secured card after I was denied a regular credit card. Since I am only 20 years old, I have no credit and this is what Capital one solicited me to do. I sent my money and have not received anything. I have three pages of notes to the countless people I have spoken to all assuring me I will get my $500 returned to me since I never received my secured card and I have since lost confidence in your company. They couldnt find the funds, I had t prove to them my check was cashed and my bank had to also confirm this via phone call and via fax. They keep telling me its getting fixed and nothing. Tonight they said I have to get my bank to retract the payment and dispute it but the bank said no because its been more than 60 days. I didn't go that route before because i was patiently awaiting a secured card. No one seems to have the power to return money that doesn't have a card account attached to it, yet they had no problem cashing a check that had no card attached to it. You are my last hope in getting capital one to resolve this. Today the person supervisor "Wayne" was acting like it was my fault, he said why would i send money if there was no card, that's what the letter asked me to do to get the secured card. Then why didn't I go through my bank within two months of this starting, well I was trying and waiting for a secured card. I didn't know all of this was happening. I hope to get this resolved with your assistance to avoid going to state attorney as that seems to be the only next recourse for me. You can contact me at miatom@optonline.net

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