@capitalone – Richard Fairbank – This message is for Rich Fairbank, I applied for a Capital one credit card last

Terri Shaw sent a message to Richard Fairbank that said:

This message is for Rich Fairbank,
I applied for a Capital one credit card last week.
Terri Shaw
Application ID #10000073334312
I have a credit score of 840 points.
I applied for your credit card because of the $500 rewards that you were offering, and making a $3,000 purchase within 90 days.
Called first and they stated it would be faster for me to apply on line.
Applied on line, and was stated to me you needed additional information.
So talked to a supervisor several times last week asking what information was needed.
They said they did not know and for me to wait for the letter.
Meanwhile I faxed over my passport, photo id, and SS card
Talked with someone today Beth ID#TWK197.
She stated they received the information June 7, 2019 and they are waiting for the back office to do their job to update information, which could take 7 to 10 business days.
Then another 7- 10 business days to receive the card.
One my credit report it is showing the card is active and 10 points for an inquiry.
With my credit score I am able to apply for any credit card, at my bank and receive an instant response without having to take 10 points for an inquiry.
I have never had so much of a run around trying to get a credit card.
Very frustrated, no one is willing to go the extra mile so I can receive my credit card in a timely manner. When I originally called they did not indicate it would ever be this type of a waiting time.
Need to pay a bill, and was going to use this credit card for my rewards.
What I am requesting at this time is to have your system updated, and have expedited the credit card to my home address.
Could you please have someone call me? (614)421-0077?
Terri Shaw

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