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Carlos Ghosn - Chairman & CEO

Thank you for your time to read my message.
My 1996 Nissan Maxima is the only car I have to drive. In fact its all I have for transportation. I bought it around 2001 - 02 with 110,000 miles and today its currently at 582,000 miles and in need of a good overhaul both the engine as well as the car itself. I enjoy driving it each day but its getting more expensive for me to maintain. My question to you, is there any way you could have Nissan perform a remodeling job for me as it is so expensive for all the work.
I plan to continue driving my Maxima and never selling it.
One day, when I can afford a good used mid size 4 door Nissan truck, I will purchase one for more home work related purpose.
I am just so connected to my little 6 cyl Maxima and would really like to continue driving it and this would be great promotion I believe for Nissan as to the longevity and its durability through all 4 seasons here. I live in NE Georgia and we have plenty of weather my car endures each year.
Again, thank you very much for your valuable time reading my message.


Michael Leary


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