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Dear Carlos
Please can you help
I am an electrician who lives in Australia
I brought a brand new renault trafic van 1.5 years ago 1.6l twin turbo ,
The van has only done 7000km
and has the following fault codes

upc alternator link
rain/luminosity sensor circuit
battery disconnection unit
side lights
12v battery current sensor
stop start module circuit
combined stalk under steering wheel circuit

The vans only done 7000km
But now being in renault workshop for 6 weeks
They have carried out the following

All fuses and relay checked

Battery charging sensor ( swapped for test)

Replaced new alternator ( Supplied by you)

Replaced new upc ( computer) due to wiring shorting out the alternator and computer

They are now convinced it is the wiring loom but can't show me any damaged cables .

Renault Australia won't cover it under warranty due to after market tow bar and electric brake being fitted ,although they could not show me any problems with this wiring and disconnected it as soon as it came in the workshop
Has any one any advice if it's the wiring loom or could be any thing else ,as they now want $8200 to fix it and i'll have to wait 3 weeks for a wiring loom to come from France.
This van is lively hood and to not recieve any money due to it being in the workshop for 9 weeks any then have to pay $8200 repair bill is causing extreme emotional stress for me and my family .
Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated

thanks Martin

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