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Saravanan sent a message to Carlos Ghosn that said:

Dear Sir,


Let me start my note saying that i have very high regards for Renault as an organization and for its products and i love my Duster so much.

Wanted to bring to your notice the very poor customer experience i am undergoing with your silk board service center - Bangalore, India Little background on it

I gave my car (KA51 MF 1339) for service couple of days back with some of the issues pointed out specifically on my music system and this is what was the sequence of activities

1. The issue pointed out was not resolved and the car was returned as is with a bill amount of INR 16,000 for the overall service
2. I called up and asked them why this issue was not resolved and the response i got was to change my music system which was not convincing for me as the issue was not with the music system as it performs well but hangs when i start my engine
3. I was asked to give the car again for looking at it but this time to my surprise the pointed out issue was resolved but the Bluetooth and navigation capabilities were messed up
4. I reported them again, they assured that they will send some technician and resolve it but the technician could not and was asked to bring the car to the service station for rectifying
5. I took my car to the service station for the 3rd time today but the Manager service told me that i am not sure if we can rectify the problem but you can leave the car til Monday and we shall try.

I gave my car for regular service and had lost the capabilities my car had and running around for so many times without any resolution. This really triggers a question in me asking do we really have capable technicians to serve the customers or not?

This experience of mine is specifically with the Silk board service station and while i was sitting their i could also see couple of customers yelling at the engineers for poor customer experience..

I wanted to go the public forum but because of the regards i have for this organization i wanted to bring this to your notice and see what is being offered to me to boost my best experience.

I was dealing with the following people at the service center

1. Santosh - Service Manager
2. Rekha
3. Deepa V - Customer service manager

Overall, most the organization focuses on customer experience as the highest priority in the current trend but it was shocking to see the way the customers are dealt with at your Silk board service center.

Request you to intervene and see what best can be done but i feel there are lot of corrections and training required to your team to teach what is quality service is and best customer experience offering are.

Will look forward to your response.

Best Regards,


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