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Dear Sir,
I hope you will understand this letter when I am done. I will not take up much of your time.

It starts with me going to a Nissan Dealer to talk to them about a truck. They told me this 2014 Nissan Frontier King c would hold it value so I bought the truck on 02 / 2019 for $24,000. On my first time getting my oil changed I was in the business for over 4 hours to find out they have not even started y oil change which when I bought the truck it came with a life time oil change. I had to replace all for tires 3 months after I bought it. They were dry and cracked. Nothing some tire wax can make look good till it rains. Then the next time I went in to get it done again and it took over 3 hours. I let that go. See this is the second Nissan Truck I have bought and Enjoy a lot. But with the bad sickness (COVID 19) going around I lost my job with no chance to get it back. I am 59 years old and it is hard to get a job at that age. I will get one. But I only have a few months of money in my bank account to get me throw this. I called and told the dealer,
Priority Toyota Hampton roads Virginia USA. that I would hope they could help me out by buying back the truck which looks as good as it does the day I bought it. (Garage kept) 43,000 miles. They said bring it over and they would look at it. I went by gave them the keys and set their fore three hours waiting for someone to talk to me. I went up to the counter and ask for my keys back so I could leave. Then a man pulled it from the box and told me that they would give me $8.000 for it. I ask why so little. You said it would hold it value and this is all you want to give me. He said that is all it is worth. I said thanks for nothing out the door I went. I pay 24,000 in 02/19 and 04 / 20020, 7 months and it dropped that much or I paid way too much for it? I owe $21.000 still and only have money left to pay two months bills and rent. I thought we were family. That’s what the TV says.

I hope you can help me or What?

Please help me if you can

Retired military (20 Years)
Jay Thompson

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