@CarlosGhosn21 – Carlos Ghosn – Dear SIr, I am a first time Nissan purchaser. I would like to know why

Steven Delco sent a message to Carlos Ghosn that said:

Dear SIr,

I am a first time Nissan purchaser. I would like to know why my 2013 Nissan Altima with only 40,000 miles and in pristine condition has a shifter lock that I have to replace for $1000.00. It has been defective within the warranty period. But was very intermittent during that period. I believe this is a serious problem that many Nissan owners have and is obviously a defective part that Nissan is not taking responsibility for. As I said I am a first time purchaser of Nissan and have never had a major problem like that before in any car I have owned at 40,000 mi. I am also a Wall Street analysis and would like to know if this is a problem all Nissan potential purchasers should know about. Nissan must take responsibility for this defective part. If this is not remedied in some fashion I will never buy a Nissan again and I think my Car Analysts friends on Wall Street should be aware of this if you don't try to remedy this situation with a recall on this defective part which cost the Owner $1000 to fix. Even my dealer thinks it should be a recalled. Please let me know what can be done about this. I would be most grateful if this email can be sent to the US or worldwide Service manger and the CEO or president of Nissan. I will not relent in getting my message about this out if I don't hear from one of the offices above. I am preparing a video which shows me having to use and ice pick to get my beautiful pristine Nissan out of park. It is sad that Nissan will not take responsibility for this defective part.

Thanks very much for you consideration. I believe Nissan is a good company and I hope you prove me to be right on that.

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