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I never do this, as an Educator I always teach my students to be problem solvers, and to work towards solutions, but at this time I have exhausted every avenue and I am stumped. I am desperately seeking guidance and help with input on our situation with our 2016 Nissan Titan XD diesel. It is currently sitting stranded at Elevated Nissan, 6960 W Frontage Rd, Merriam, KS 66203. It had to be towed there on July 27th. The mechanics determined It has blown turbo chargers that are in need of repair.

Here is where the issue comes in, we have been told that Nissan is unable to secure parts for it due to COVID shut downs and could be sitting there for a month or longer. We also were told that the parts would not be covered because they were only under warranty up to 100k miles and we are at 101k miles. We were quoted that it would cost 6500 dollars in repair. This is a significant amount for us.

My husband and I are both in education (teachers)- so not only is the money an issue- but not having a vehicle to get us to school to do our jobs is now a bigger issue. We both work in different districts and with the length of time that we have been told it will take to repair our vehicle this is going to create a significant strain or issue on transportation.

The other piece to this that is breaking my heart is that the truck was our only vehicle that could pull our trailer. Our daughter has worked all summer on a horse she trained herself to make the finals in the United Rodeo Association- and now we are looking at being unable to get her where she needs to go because your corporation is unable to secure parts for your vehicles. She has worked for years to reach this goal and it is in reach, but we don't have the ability now to see that through.

We are unable to pay 6500 dollars in repair for a part that was less than 1000 miles over warranty- and also at the same time try to do a rental- rentals are through the roof expensive and trucks are even more impossible to find. If we were wealthy, this would not be an issue. But we are not, and we knew we never would be in our profession, but we also are stuck in a situation outside of our control with COVID.

I guess I am writing to see if there is anything Nissan can do to help two educators get to school and/ or stand behind their vehicle and help with the repairs. I have put in a claim with the corporation but have been unable to secure any word. The case # is 44407204.

We are stranded trying to get back and forth to our respective schools for a month or more while parts are being made…. And also can’t afford a rental truck with the 6500 price tag we are looking at .

Any suggestions on what we can do? I don’t want to take to social media to ask for help- as we have loved our Nissan and every rodeo we go to people turn their heads and look because it is not a Ford or Dodge. We take a lot of questions and sometimes ridicule for driving a Nissan Truck to rodeos. I would hate to prove all of those haters right.

Thank you for any guidance you can provide! I appreciate your time very much.


Amy and Andy Wright

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