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Thomas R Spence sent a message to Carlos Ghosn that said:

I have enjoyed several Nissan vehicles over the past few decades. I have purchased 5 new and 1 used and until now have been satisfied with the products and services. That satisfaction ended with the purchase of my 2018 Nissan Murano.

I was skeptical of all of the electronics included. I liked what they did, but did not like the limited warranty on this part of the vehicle. That said, I chose to purchase the Murano with the assurance that the service department would take care of every need.

I hope that you can understand my disappointment when the collision sensor needed to be replaced and the local dealer (Elk City OK) where I purchased the vehicle said that it was beyond their maintenance capabilities. I drove over 100 miles to get this fixed. I took the vehicle to Bob Howard Nissan in Edmond, Oklahoma.

The repairs were completed, or so I was told. The next day the sensor malfunctioned again. It has been several months and over 25 unreturned phone calls later, that I am still waiting for the repair as my warranty for these parts is about to expire.
Six months is a long for to wait for a returned call. I was advised of staff turnovers, but nobody ever returned a single call and the people who took my calls were not authorized to do anything themselves. The standing excuse for everything is COVID-19, but using this excuse for not returning a call is really pushing the envelope.

I also used text and the webmail that the dealership provided. As of this date, I am waiting for a call from the service manager. He promised that I would not be forgotten this time.

Other than expressing my dissatisfaction with the apathetic response to my requests, I ask for consideration. I believe that extending my bumper-to-bumper warranty to 72,000 miles would suffice as my local dealer is not equipped to do much more than oil changes and tire rotation, and the dealer that should be able to fix my vehicle is nonresponsive.

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