@CarlosGhosn21 – Carlos Ghosn – My wife continues to have problems with the tires on our 2020 Pathfinder.The left

LOUIS CHIODO sent a message to Carlos Ghosn that said:

My wife continues to have problems with the tires on our 2020 Pathfinder.The left rear tire has been repaired two times already,once through Oneil Nissan and once at Mavis Tire.It continues to lose air.It happened once again last week,and once 2 days ago.Last week she took it to our local Mavis tire last week and 2 days ago for the same tire and they didn't find a nail either time and adjusted the tire pressure.

She took it in to your the O'Neil Service department today and they said they found nothing in the tire and just adjusted the tire pressure.We are not rich people and cannot afford to continue to take time from our work due to tire issues to just have the pressure adjusted.

The tire just doesn't keep losing air for no reason.Its not a pound or 2 due to temperature change.One time it was at 16lbs,another was at 20lbs.Something is causing a problem.

We purchased the insurance on the tires and want this tire replaced.Im in the business and I get the whole "We need to find a puncture to justify the tire change", but I also know about "Customer satisfaction" and taking care of a loyal Nissan customer.This is our 2nd lease through Nissan and with our Rogue,we never had any issues and not once did we need to contact Nissan for problems.We are not scammers looking to get something for free.We only want not be inconvenienced and stranded on the road repeatedly waiting for a tow truck.

Please take care of this so we can remain happy and loyal customers.

Thank you.

Louis Chiodo Jr.

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