@CarlosGhosn21 – Carlos Ghosn – N.B – 1998 I was the sole idea maker for RENAULT coming into the

Brian Sheriff sent a message to Carlos Ghosn that said:

N.B - 1998 I was the sole idea maker for RENAULT coming into the recovering of NISSAN. And I directly described which part of Renault to 'fix' Nissan - explaining why Renault, who in Renault, and from which part of the world. If you do not believe me please contact MAZDA MOTOR CORPORATION and tell it that I am saying this. Mazda had been asked by the government to let me make the decision for saving Nissan. And I am the sole savior of Mazda from December 1991 till May 2007.
When Mazda showed me the government paper for recovering NISSAN 153 companies had been shown to me on a list - AND RENAULT WAS NOT INCLUDED. When I did insist on Renault and explained the company based upon my lifetime understand the J.government was unable to doubt me.
Now my kep point for contacting Mr. Carlos GHOSN is due to what I had tried to warn him about from 2002. Exactly what is being said about him now is what I was dead certain would be said about him sometime.... AND I CAN PROVE HOW IT IS - for his personal safety. Please contact me and I can directly explain it in person. I HAVE VERY SOLID PROOF.
Check in Nissan's head office and ask the former Mazda PR representative to let you know who I am - he was a former Canadian navy man and a part time PR worker at Mazda.

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