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Nissan Leaf owner are helpless in Sri Lanka

I am from Sri Lanka. There are around 5000 electric vehicles in Sri Lanka and more than 3500 Nissan Leaf on road which are imported as reconditioned or brand new conditions from Japan or United Kingdom by local vendors or personal importers. I also bought a one year used Nissan Leaf for Rs. 3,300,000/- (USD $ 22, 750) YOM 2014, 24kwh.
Authorized dealer of Sri Lanka for Nissan is AMW (Authorized Motor Ways) and currently they are not importing Nissan Leaf to Sri Lanka. Also they do not take any responsibility regarding the Nissan leaf in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately several leaf owners of 2012 2013 even 2014 models facing the battery bar loss even 4 or 5 bars out of 12 bars. Their state of health of battery is around 60%. Unfortunately they don't have any warranty by the unauthorized dealer or any others. They lost their capacity before 5 years or 60000 miles. May be our climate have an affect on it. Our temperature is around 25c to 32c around the year. This is the main problem what we are currently facing and seeking solutions.

We do not have much infrastructure for Nissan Leaf service and repair. Even the fast charging. Only 40 fast chargers available in entire island which are owned by private investors. We cannot use the navigation system installed in car and even we cannot change the language of Japanese model to English. Carvings or any other software are not supported to Sri Lanka and we are unable to take maximum out of Nissan Leaf.

Individually people contacted Nissan Japan but their helps also not receiving to us. They wanted to come through the authorized dealer and that is another headache.

I am writing this to find any other ways to get the help of global Nissan for this poor Nissan leaf owners. I hope you will advise us or help us to come over this situation.

Regards, Aruny

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