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I would just like to know what you consider adequate customer service from your team? Because I can assure you what I’ve received is less than satisfactory! And isn‘t customer service is what you pride your company on?

Yesterday, I spent three on the phone trying to chase updates, updates that were yet another empty promise! Three hours and countless associates that I spoke to, one hung up on me, her department was closing. You had one associate in your entire company that felt I was worthy enough to help! It is absolutely ridiculous that not one single manager took my call seriously enough, to get on the phone and speak with me!

I’m not going away, sir, I deserve to be heard, and I deserve the same attention and respect you give all your customers! And I have not had that at all!

I purchased a car from you less than 30 days after my purchase, it started having mechanical issues. CarMax was supposed to have had it repaired, and a new transmission put in it. I didn’t have the car back 30 days, and it still presented issues within the transmission.

At this point your CarMax of Winston Salem, has had my car for almost two weeks! I took it down on a Tuesday, they called Thursday to come get it, the transmission shop said it was fine. I refused, they tried to tell me some cop out that it was when the motor went from 4, 6, and 8 cylinders. No sir! I’ve never felt that shutter before now, and it didn’t do it my car that was exactly the same kind of motor! At that point I was told it would go to Chevy!

I didn’t hear anything for days.. I called Shelia on Monday to tell her I was coming to swap out cars. No one knew I was coming, and Shelia gave me no updates which were promised! While in the store I was told by the business office that it was at the transmission shop, and not at the Chevy dealership. Wait, what? Why wasn’t it transported to Chevy?

Let’s also take a moment to discuss your general manager, Rob. Talking to him was about as productive as putting socks on a rooster! He basically shoved me off, and didn’t take any action to actually have the issues resolved! But he was surely full of those empty promises, he told me I would have an update daily on my car. That hasn’t happened!

So, now let’s to talk about the loaner they put me in.. I’m furious! I didn’t think I was going to make it home with the car  and my child! So, your team sent me out in a car that had mechanical defects, in severe weather knowing I live an hour from your location! Your team put my CHILD at risk, your team put me at risk! What if I hadn’t made it home????? What if we had been caught out in the storms and tornadoes because of the car you said was safe for me to drive????? At this point I’ve lost all faith in your company!

Wednesday morning, I spoke with General the service manager- he was going to test drive the car with the transmission shop, and he would call me back with updates. As I expected he said nothing was wrong with the transmission, and that it needed a tune up. Umm, I’m sorry, what did you say?? No sir, I’m absolutely not satisfied with this answer!

It’s obvious to me at this point your service department doesn’t know what they are talking about! Why would they have ever let that car leave the store the first time if it needed a tune up??? At this point instead of doing what needs to be done, they are simply trying to just shut me up!!!

At this point I want, the car taken to McNiel Chevy, in Wilkesboro NC. CarMax will cover any costs incurred from McNiel. I have lost all faith in the competency of your company and your employees! I have given CarMax more than one opportunity to make this right and fix what is to be covered under your warranty!

I am also requesting compensation for the lack of follow up, concern, regard for my time, the complete disregard for my family, and the payments I’ve made on a car I cannot drive. I am also requesting that my transfer fee be reimbursed back to me as well.

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