@carmax – Thomas Folliard – Hello. My name is Justine. I bought a car with CarMax in December of 2018

justine hubbard sent a message to Thomas Folliard that said:

Hello. My name is Justine. I bought a car with CarMax in December of 2018. I have had it since. In October 2019 I went to your Henrietta location because I was running through engine oil rather quickly I noticed since I got the car and I had noticed that my acceleration wasn't as good as when I first bought the car. I explained to them I either have an engine leak or Im burning oil and my idle is rough. They looked it over for free because I was under warranty and they told me nothing was wrong with it. As they are professionals, I took their word for it. I continued to drive it and went back in January because my brake light kept going out, they replaced it and I also mentioned the oil again. I was told because it was a GDI engine that it consumes more oil than normal and I had nothing to worry about and the rough idling could just be wear and tear on your car. I took their word for it again. Flash forward to 5/21 my check engine light finally makes an appearance after I've been telling your mechanics something was wrong. They got me in and told me it was because there was oil on my spark plugs and that was what was causing my light to turn on and that was the reason for my slow acceleration and engine oil consumption. They scheduled me for the next Thursday 6/3 to change the spark plugs. I call 6/2 to confirm my appt and they told me they have me down for 6/13. No, I confirmed with previous tech that it was 6/2, so they got into Gladstones service (your buddy garage) and within ten minutes of looking at my car, they realized that I had four pounds of motor oil in my converter. Mechanic stated that that build up could have been there way before I even bought the car considering how caked on it was. He advised me to call CarMax and they should cover it as it has been a problem since October 2019 and even though my car is out of warranty now, carmax should honor it because its been an ongoing issue since it was under warranty and we finally know what it is. However CarMax mechanics refused to take accountability for their misdiagnoses and refused to fix my car, as well as refused to give me my copy of the receipts for the times I went there in oct, jan and may, but very happily told me I could reach out to a friend to ask them for $1500. I called your team to see if this could be resolved and I spoke with Molly. I spoke with Molly that day 6/3/2020 and I explained to her the situation. She promised me shed get this taken care of for me and she will call with updates. I called every other day to get an update because she wasn't reaching out to me as she stated. Molly was either busy or not at her desk, I received no update until I called in anonymously and asked for Molly and since she had no idea who it was, she finally took my call.. after 17 days of ignoring my request for an update. She told me that the mechanics are not willing to cover it. I already knew this and that's why I escalated it to the escalation team. I am extremely disgusted with how I've been treated since I bought a car from your company. The only good experience I had with your company was buying the car. After that, I paid $1000+ for a warranty that wasn't used and dealt with mechanics who blew me off when I told them something may be wrong and refused me my receipts, took advantage wasted my money on 5/21 on a diagnosis that wasn't even correct, then having to deal with Molly and being toyed around with for two weeks while waiting for an update that she was not going to call to give. I am overall extremely dissatisfied with this company. With everything going on, me already being in a bad situation with covid and not working fulltime, your mechanics not doing their job correctly, Molly not handling my urgent situation properly. I am so sick. Literally sick because of the stress your company has caused me. I have a huge bill that should have been taken care of in October. I will forever be taking my future services to Gladstone, because they have helped me more than your company has ever. Its truly upsetting that I had to go through all of this, in order for your company to try to do the right thing and they still didnt, but instead they screwed over another customer who has brought three people to buy cars with you. What a shame. Now its my word against yours. I really didn't want to contact my lawyer however that is the only way Ill be able to afford this. I will not just let this go. I will pay for it myself and take care of the issue that your company isn't honoring, but I will make sure that this is handled. I will make sure that your company is held accountable. I will make sure that you lose money. I will make sure I express on social media of how terrible your company is and how I was handled and that you company engages in the famous "car warranty scheme".. bc they do. I have already contacted the attorney general as well as BBB and any review sites I can get my fingers on, as my lawyer advised. I might even sit outside your Henrietta location with a sign on the sidewalk that's states " don't shop here, ask me why" and make sure you lose out of thousands of dollars each time I decide to sit out there. I might not win, but at least your company wont either. I hope you find this as repulsive as I and Gladstone services do, for a company to do this to a consumer. Maybe you can read this and do something to help me. Maybe you will hold your employees accountable as they should be. This is not how you get returning customers or new customers for that matter. DO the right thing.

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