@carmax – Thomas Folliard – Please contact me. I would like to talk to you as a consumer about how

Tamara Santee sent a message to Thomas Folliard that said:

Please contact me. I would like to talk to you as a consumer about how your buyers are being treated. We are someone you should really be interested in talking to. Since june. 3 cars purchased. Carbon monoxide poisoning first car. Second car blown head gasket broken engine mounts broken windshield. After being poisoned and having to buy a higher priced car because you didnt have anything comparable to first car. 3rd car is great but we were harrassed and treated shamefully because we didnt want a car with a blown head gasket. Isnt there some 129 point inspection. We were sent to enterprise with no way to pay with cash so my husband had to walk a mile to the bank to put the cash in because your guy said you did too much for us. That is after he had a heart attack during the poisoning. Also left me on side of road waiting for him to walk to bank with our autistic daughter. I am 59 years old and i had to sit on the side of a road for 2 hours to get a rental car. People were stopping and asking me if they could help me but not carmax. They treated us so badly. And they say they did us so many favors. If that is true then why did we get poisoned and sold crap cars without being inspected like you promise and left on the side of a road. Oh they offered to let us drive the car with the blown head gasket. If they did so much for us then why was it necessary. We did nothing wrong only bought a car and made on time payments. The last time we were there no one would even speak to us. You owe me better than that as a human being with many many friends and church groups where i am about to open up my mouth about your horrible treatment of my family. Look it up murrieta california. You will be embarrassed. Contact me to work it out first or not its your loss if you dont

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