@carmax – Thomas Folliard – Tom, As a consumer at Carmax I was completely duped and taken advantage of. I

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As a consumer at Carmax I was completely duped and taken advantage of. I know you must hear this a lot but please read what happened to me. Back in December I purchased a vehicle from the Davie Florida store. I came in with an Audi convertible that I was leasing and was NOT interested in trading it in. I still had 2 years left on the lease. I told my salesman Nir that I was going to pay the rest of my lease of $10,654 in addition to $13,000 that I was putting down on the purchase of my new car that was $28,000 taxes included. My salesman told me that I had to use my Audi to reduce the tax on my car, so I did. Are you with me so far?? So I paid $10,654 to my Audi which I didn't want to trade because there was no reason to, but Carmax took my money and my car! As far as my purchase, the contract was for around $28,000 in which I put down $13,000 and finance through Carmax $15,000. When I called the store and spoke to Sergio, he told me TOO BAD, you signed the contract!! So in essence Carmax stole $10,654 from me and took complete advantage of me. I should have been able to keep my Audi...Why did they do that?? The general manager at the store also thinks that it was ok that the salesman NIr duped me. I cry everyday thinking how can people be soooo EVIL... That was my hard earned money that was taken from me was no remorse from the people at Carmax. Please help me.. I'm feeling so stupid to let this happen to me.
Tiffany Forman

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