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CenturyLink ACCOUNT NUMBER: 441882942

Date: 11 JUNE 2020

Mr. Story;

Let me say that we have enjoyed using your company for some time now. I used CenturyLink in Las Vegas, NV for about 13 years or so before moving to Texas in 2015 and we were glad to restart with CenturyLink. As usual the service has been good until last year when we started having issues. The company's response to them, which went on intermittently for months was great. They literally replaced everything at least once. While I am not sure they truly knew what caused the problems they never gave up and never complained about the repetitive problems or trips they had to make to fix it. Finally the problems seemed to go away and for a few months we enjoyed uninterrupted service. After all that and out of plain curiosity I even went to the PX and bought a new inexpensive router thinking that may have been part of the problem but it was not. I know this because I gave the old one to my daughter and had her try it and she said it worked at her place which also uses CenturyLink. Unfortunately all these efforts didn't last.

The evening of 2 May the internet quit working again. Your company had a technician here on Monday the 4th and he repaired it by replacing a cable that goes from my house through my side yard and backyard to a connection in my neighbors backyard. He left the cable above ground and had it routed to the back fence then over the top of the fence instead of under it and when he left he said someone would be out in a few days to bury the cable. After a few days I looked online and saw that there was a work order to bury the cable and I actually forget what the original date was but it was before the 18th of May. When I called and asked when he was coming I guess someone put in a work order and the tech who did the repair on the 4th of may came out the next day and said he was just checking to see if the job had been done and he would go back and see that it got taken care of and left. He wasn't here five minutes. That was the day I got a text saying my work order had been completed and I never requested a work order. Just over a week later I called in to find out where the guy was and I got told he would be here on the 18th of May to do the work and that they would contact me first. That didn't happen. No One showed up or called. Someone did show up a couple of days later without contacting us and while no one was home they did a partial job and it was pretty poor job at that as they ran it directly next to my sprinkler lines, which I guess isn't really a problem as long as nothing ever needs repaired and they didn't break any lines which they didn't. They also didn't completely bury the line. It went to about 3- 4 feet from the back fence, came out of the ground and went over the top of the fence and into the other yard where it connects into your equipment. I have attached a video and a picture for you. When I called in again I was told that maybe he needed this or that tool and per the FCC they have 90 days to get the work done that while they didn't see any open work orders they would have the local supervisor contact me about the sloppy job. No supervisor ever contacted us. I called in again and the system said there is NO open work orders and there is nothing online when I look at the where's my technician to find out what was going on. The representative I spoke to today told me there was a work order and a request for them to contact me but no idea when that would happen.

The 9th of June at approximately 12:45 pm I get a call from the technician who performed the original repair. He said he was at my house and that they have to do their own line burying now and he wanted to complete the job but the gate was locked. I explained that I was in Austin, approximately 60 miles away, and wouldn't be home before the days end. He said he would come back on the 10th at 9 am to finish the job. IF he had given advance notice that he was coming to finally complete the job I could have made arrangements to be here or have the gate unlocked and open. On the 10th of June the original technician showed up with a co-worker at 9 am as he said he would do. They actually completed the work (didn't take them 15 minutes) and my internet seems to be working fine. I have a few pics of the work before completion but was unable to attach them.

I really felt I was getting the runaround and maybe they are tired of trying to fix things here. I am sorry they have had to come out so much but it is not my fault that this equipment keeps breaking down. I would have written sooner but I decided it was best to wait until it was complete to tell the story. Thank You for listening.

Thank You Very Much,


Roc Holland
SFC, USA(ret)

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