@centurylink – Glen Post – Dear Jeff Storey, I am absolutely appalled with the level of inability of your customer

Carl Schilling sent a message to Glen Post that said:

Dear Jeff Storey,

I am absolutely appalled with the level of inability of your customer service team to handle simple customer support - not only do they have the inability to answer the most basic questions they clearly do not have the tools to solve any real issues. I have spent over 10 hours on the phone attempting to have my service set up and the right speed assigned to my address. I started my transaction on October 5th and as of today it is still not right. After being cut off multiple times, transferred to the wrong department multiple times, and the complete lack of understanding of what I want accomplished - I am left with no choice to raise my concern to you.

I'm not sure even where to begin - I bought a house with existing service, ordered my service, and then no one can figure out how to make that happen. Seems simple from the surface - but countless phone calls and being passed off to the next department tells me that there is an endemic training, tools, and accountably issue with your account service organization.

We made some progress today - my service was finally connected... Then I received a confirmation of what was done and it did not match what was ordered (half the speed and more $). I used the previous owners internet and it was exactly what I ordered - now I am being told by your team that only half the speed is available from what I ordered. Well last week it was fine. Now it is not - nothing changed. Even the CL Website says that double is available.

I will not call your service line back..! The folks you have working for you in South America do not deserve my frustration. They are kind people that are well intentioned, but incapable of resolving this issue. I expect a call from someone that is higher up in your organization that will take this issue and drive it to conclusion without me spending any more time trying to navigate your offshore support machine to no avail.

My Name Is: Carl Schilling
My Number Is 434 444 1436

With that information who ever you assign to this issue should be able to find out enough info to at least start a coherent conversation with me and drive this to resolution.

Your service is the only reasonable access point for me to continue my family's work and schooling remotely during these times. If there were any alternatives I would have walked away from this after the 3rd or 4th conversation. I lost count somewhere around 12-15 different attempts to do what should have been simple....

Please provide a leader that can fix this..!

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