@centurylink – Glen Post – Dear Mr. Storey. Until mid July of 2020, I had been a more of less

Henrik Schutz sent a message to Glen Post that said:

Dear Mr. Storey. Until mid July of 2020, I had been a more of less satisfied customer of CL for 20 some years. At that time my wife and I moved to a senior living community. CL declined to provide our comm needs there due to Covid, so we paid what we owed, sent our CL equipment back, and switched to Comcast. It took half a dozen+ phone calls to CL to convince them that my account was closed with a zero balance due. (Account number was 309401372) Today I got an email from CL saying I owed $63.12. (I have written confirmation of prior $0.00 balance, equipment returned, and account closure, and verbal assurance of this from your agent "Joshua" employee #8B55791. Having spent >6-8 hours on the phone over several months trying to settle this matter, I now appeal to you. I ask that you instruct your minions to send me written confirmation that my account is closed with a $0.00 balance, and that they should stop harassing me. I further request that you send me some sort of hotline phone number to use in case your minions fail. My usual phone wait time has been at least 20 minutes, and 4 hours on least 1 occasion.
Thanks -- H. Schutz
P.S I see you've changed the name of CL to Lumen. Perhaps your are hoping for a reboot to your defective customer support. It has been genuinely terrible.


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