@centurylink – Glen Post – Dear Mr. Storey, I am a customer. I have not paid a bill since June

Pam G. sent a message to Glen Post that said:

Dear Mr. Storey,
I am a customer. I have not paid a bill since June 2020. I was without internet for almost 2 months, July/August 2020, as were all of my neighbors on my road. 12 families. I have called too many times to resolve this issue. I was told I need a new modem, so I got one and paid for it. Then for some reason another one came to me via Fed Ex which I did not ask for. I called to get a return label, which took almost a month. I sent the modem back. Now I cant get anyone to help me break the bill down for July/August so I can at least pay my phone bill. No one will help me. I sent a long letter telling them I was told by a phone call that I owe $2.00 so I sent it also asking for another break down on my bill. Now here it is October and still I don't receive a reply. Every time I call they ask me to pay for the modem I returned plus I have received 2 bills asking that I pay for it.
Honestly I don't know where to go from here. Every time I call I get someone from a different country telling me something different every time. Please help me out here? Where I live I am at the mercy of Century Link or Hughes Net which I do not want.
Thank you Mr. Storey and I pray that you will help me resolve this ongoing issue. I am concerned that they are letting my bill pile up and it will be hard to pay. I don't understand your customer service.
Thank you,

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