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I have been a customer since 1975 (Ma Bell, Us West, Qwest etc.) with the same phone number the entire time. 6 months shy of 45 years.
This is the 5th or 6th time in as many years that I have had interrupted phone/internet service. The most recent prior to this was summer 2019. Each time, with one exception, the problem has been wet outside lines. The one exception was when a tech cut my line ½ block away thinking it was not in use. The problems have been as far away as 2 blocks
What I have been told is that the junctions get wet and short out. Sometimes due to squirrels accessing the covered junction blocks. In summer 2019 the 1st tech referred it to the “line” repair group so I waited another day. No covers available for the old junction boxes per the tech so they wrap them with what appears to be orange garbage bags.
Having the same phone number for almost 45 yrs means that I missed calls from not only family and friends but my customers as well. My cell phone number is not given out but only used to return calls.
Retrieved my voice mails and found I had 7 messages from potential customers. Lost an $80.00 sale because I did not return the call quick enough. Also numerous friends and family say they have called multiple times but not left messages.

My question to Century link is:
When are you going to upgrade the antiquated lines and junction blocks in the area?

I am always told by customer service I may be liable for a charge of $ 85.00 but there is never any mention of credit for the time of lost service. Its never been an inside issue so I have never been charged. However, I lost an $80.00 sale this round so I ended up paying by virtue of a lost customer.
I will be contacting billing regarding a credit for 3 days of lost service.

Below is a list of events as they occurred
Monday 1-6-20 early problems with internet approx. 2 AM. Phone dead when I tried to use it at 630 AM.
Called service on cell phone. Told that the 1st available appt was Wed Morning. Told the rep that was not acceptable as I had an early morning Doctor Appt
The rep asked the usual questions…dog/gate /all phones or 1 etc. Told her that the internet was also out and it was a line problem. I Informed her that this is a reoccurring problem in the area with wet lines shorting out on the poles.
Received a call late Monday (robo) on my cell phone asking to confirm early appt. Went thru the system and rescheduled for 130 and later on Wed. Evidently customer service rep scheduled the AM even though I said it would not work.

Tuesday 6 PM received robo call asking me to confirm 1:30 appt. I confirmed.
Tuesday 7PM received a robo call asking me to confirm 830 time slot….I just hung up
Wed 730 AM received a robo call asking me to confirm 830 time slot…. Again, I just hung up
Returned from early Doctor appt about 9AM. Called customer service and got no answer as to when service tech would arrive. Transferred to a supervisor who finally admitted the system was having issues and was down. He assured me He would call me back on my cell when he found out the time. He never did call back.
Service tech arrived about 12:15 and stated he was early (Set for 130-530) He hooked up his equip and found that the problem was approx. 350 ft from my house. Fixed it. Cover missing on junction box, wires hanging out ……connection shorted due to moisture. Same problem as last summer but on a different pole.

Irritated Customer,
Thomas Tousignant
St Paul MN

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