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Mr Storey,

My mother lives in warren Ohio and has had her internet out for over 6 days. she has called, and been told that the outage would be fixed over 8 times. however the internet is still out. we have called and your phone representatives have been less than helpful, basically parroting the information available via your outage tracker. repeatedly assuring us that it would be fixed by a later date, that date would then come and go... this is completely ridiculous in a time when everyone is stuck in their houses, and children must be able to get online to go to school. her security system, her life alert system, and most of the ways that she has to reach out to other human beings is completely unavailable to her. She has had to go out into public with a compromised immune system to pay bills, and get groceries since she cannot do that online right now. i do not expect you to respond since you most likely have gotten a lot of emails about this. i do however want you to know that this is effecting apparently hundreds of people just like her... and may be costing people their lives, or causing children to fail in school. and that you should care since you are the one at the head of the ship. I have worked in the IT industry for over a decade, and i have never seen a 6 day outage because of provisioning. From a company that claims to be "the worlds best networking company" this is unbelievable and we are now seriously considering switching service. not that you care about one individual but now you cannot say that you don't know why you may loose so many customers from this area. Or that you weren't informed that your service may have cost people their lives.

Nicholas J Wunderle

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