CenturyLink….I just spent also 30 mins on Live Chat trying to get help but – Glen Post email address

Janet sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. that said:

CenturyLink....I just spent also 30 mins on Live Chat trying to get help but was told they could not help me and it was essentially my fault for rearranged my schedule to accommodate CenturyLink to come install your services at my home today. I printed the Chat if you need to see it. All we wanted is CenturyLink to honor your appt date and time today that is all. Can you please help us?

This is the # that was given to my husband for looking up the acct with CenturyLink . The person on Live Chat asked my "What do you want from us"? All we want is CenturyLink to honor what you told us is come install your product in our home. I'm sure this is not the way CenturyLink does business.

CenturyLlink....I've heard nothing but good things about your company. My neighbor had your services installed a couple of months ago. We decided to switch to your company after many yrs with another company here in Colorado Spgs. 2 of our friends are waiting to here how your services are from us since they are looking to changes services also. Today was our installation date. We were told that you would be here sometimes between 9:00am and 12:00pm. My family and I rearranged our schedules to make sure someone would be home. My husband called your company this morning before 9:00am to confirm the appt. He was told that the women he spoke to and set the appt with should not have set it for today and that they will not be honoring the appt date or time today. My husband was transferred to 3 other managers/supervisors to explain the situations each time because each person did not communicate with each other. Each person told my husband they don't understand why this happened but that they would not be coming today to install your service. They did offer us a $50.00 credit but all we want is your service installed in our home as promised when we setup the appt. I understand you are a huge company with many customers but my family rescheduling of a busy day was made specifically because your company set the appt for today so I would think you would want to keep you promise of being here to install your service in our home as promised. If you would like to contact my please email me . I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

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