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Millie Yang sent a message to Lee KunHee that said:

Complain for Samsung S6(IMEI NO.: 359600060316381)

Attn: CEO of Samsung

Received No. A180512HT000206
Received date: May 12, 2018
Model code: SM-G9200ZKUTGY (Samsung S6)
IMEI NO.: 359600060316381
Serial No.: R28G34165DW

Dear general manager,

My name is Millie Yang and I’m an American citizen. I am a loyal customer of Samsung and I have purchased more than five Samsung mobiles in recent years.

I’m writing to complain about the terrible quality problem of the above Samsung S6 I purchased at Wilson store where locate at Maritime Square during my stay in Hong Kong in 2016.

The purpose I purchased this phone is specially used for my business trip in Hong Kong & China. I travel to H.K. 3 times a year and I normally stay there around one month for each of trips. I only use this Samsung S6 when I travel there, but I use my U.S. mobile when I stay in U.S.A. for most of the time yearly.

I have been quite upset for the following problems, which were frequently happened around 6 months later from date of purchasing this Samsung S6.
1) Battery life is poor. I can only be able to use around 3 hours each day for each of fully charged for battery.
2) Signal strength is weak
3) Problem of system connector
4) Overheating issues
5) Auto brightness turns off automatically
6) Problems with turning on, flash, and more……
When I sent my Samsung S6 to your customer service in HK on May 12, 2018, I thought those problems could be solved if I change a new battery. I was astonished when I learnt there are many quality problems happened on my phone beyond battery. I was requested to pay HKD3310.00 to fix well all of the said problems. It’s unbelievable that the life span of my Samsung S6 which I paid more than HKD5000.00 could only be able to last for 6 months.

As a world known brand name company, you should not sell this kind of defective mobile to customer. Your Q.C. department made a serious mistake before delivering this mobile to store for sale. I think Samsung Company should take fully accountability to fix well the said problems for customer at your cost. It doesn’t make sense that you requested me to pay such a hefty cost to fix the terrible quality problems.

Pls kindly refer to the “ Service quotation” & “ Service receipt” sent by your Hong Kong office as attachment. I complained to your HK office and I got a response from Mr.Jacob Cheung, who said he could not help me solve this matter. I will appreciate it that you could give me an appropriate reply about solution at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for your attention and help. I look forward to hearing a kind reply from you soon.

Best regards.

Millie Yang

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